SnowSkool [SS]: Who are you and which SnowSkool course did you attend?

Jake Anderson [JA]: My name is Jake Anderson and I attended the 2011 NZ course at Treble Cone

[SS]       What was your main attraction to the SnowSkool instructor training course?

[JA]        The fact that everything is organised, the food, the accommodation, transport to the snow, a lot of other course's you had to deal with all that stuff, and as soon as I spoke to Marion from the Australian office I was sold, she was so unbelievably helpful in every way and made my choice easy.

[SS]       What have you been up to since SnowSkool?

[JA]        Unfortunately needed a knee reconstruction due to an accident after the season finished, but will be making a return to NZ to instruct this year.

[SS]       That sucks, hope your okay?

[JA]        Yea I know, but its healing well and I will be ready for the season.

{SS]       Cool, that's great news! So Jake what's a typical SnowSkool day in resort?

[JA]         Fun, and I know I'm not answering the way that it was intended but there isn't any other way to put it. Although you're learning the whole time it never stops being enjoyable and the coaches and reps are always on hand for help and support. You spend the whole day on snow in lessons, who wouldn't want to be on snow from 8:30 to 4:00, 5 days a week

[SS]        And does the day end when the lifts stop running?

[JA]         The day ends when you decide it ends, whether you go trampolining, head to the pub, head to the gym/pool, have a sauna or just chill out in your apartment. There is heaps to do everyday

[SS]         Could you sum up your SnowSkool experience in one word?

[JA]          No its to good for that.

[SS]         Haha, nice one. Any last words?

[JA]          Don't hesitate, just book it, you can thank me later for the advice, it honestly will be the time of your life.

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