This week has been one of amazing snow, amazing weather, sunshine and ice water. Our Snowskoolers have definitely helped raise awareness of and funds for ALS / Motor Neurone Disease as almost everyone has been nominated to do an ice bucket challenge.  It almost became competitive to see who could be the most inventive with late night dips in the creek, full-on lake jumps, buckets of snow and even one that followed a skydive. Check out the photos of our adventures below ...

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Out on the mountain, training this week consisted of more high-end teaching practice, hiking to the summit and some gate practice … all under beautiful blue skies. The guys are working hard to build on Level 1 so that they are ready and rearing to go for that all important Level 2 in a few weeks time.  Some of the guys – Heather, Clark, Scott and Emily – opted to get even more awesome by signing up to Freestyle/Freeride Wednesdays with an extra half-day of training on either freestyle in the park or freeriding big mountain terrain out in the open. 
The half-pipe at Cardrona finally opened this week and with it came heaps of amazing pro riders.  The guys found themselves suddenly sharing the hill with the likes of Jossi Wells and his brothers, James ‘Woodsy’ Woods and a few others, plus the British and Norwegian race teams as well. Some pretty good inspiration right there!
Tuesday this week saw another SnowSkool birthday as Clark clocked up another one and was treated to a delicious (?!) cake of bacon and maple syrup. What happened to the chocolate???
But the big highlight was the weekend’s activities, jam-packed with excitement! Nick, Dan, Luke, Clark, Grant, Astyn, Callum and Harry all decided to go for a nice scenic flight over Wanaka and then for some inexplicable reason, jumped out of the plane at 15,000ft! Luckily they all landed safe and sound … the parachutes worked, whoohoo! The excitement and exhilaration (abject terror??) of skydiving is second to none and the guys are still buzzing now!  No doubt friends and family will be made to sit down and watch the videos at length. 
After quite the adrenalin Saturday, Sunday brought more laid back but still very different activities.  Almost everyone headed down to the lake on what seemed almost like a summer’s day. Some opted for paddle boarding while others went for a relaxing pedalo. A few untimely dips in the lake occurred when some found their balance wasn’t all they had hoped for.  Sunday also saw the arrival of Christmas Day. Yep, that’s right … Christmas Day … in August.  It seems if you want a white Christmas in the southern hemisphere it’s easier to move the celebration than the snow season so Christmas in July / August is the perfect solution.  Plus you get a bonus pressie!  Secret Santas were drawn a few days before and at the time of writing, presents were yet to be unwrapped.  Probably reasonable to expect some interesting gift ideas, that’s for sure! 
Next week will see a change of trainers for the skiers with another shuffle around to experience different teaching techniques and approaches.  There will be yet more time for everyone to improve their skills before we start thinking about exam prep for Level 2. Katie and Sam are off to Queenstown for the weekend to boss the hell out of the Level 1 this time around. Good luck guys – you got this!!
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Course Host - SnowSkool NZ 2014
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