Skiers have two options when it comes to SnowSkool improvement camps.

Technical Ski: The idea of this course is to focus on your on-piste skiing and work on ways to enable you to ski the hill faster but in a more controlled and efficient fashion. It’s all very well carving hard down a red run but what happens if you hit a patch of ice or if it starts to get bumpy?! We’ll work on the tools to help you to handle tougher conditions and tougher terrains.

Ski POP! (Park Off-piste Powder!): SnowSkool Ski POP courses are ideal for solid skiers looking to start throwing down around the hill and work on all aspects of their skiing. There is a big freestyle focus on the course but we’ll also be going “under the rope” to work on your backcountry skiing and to get you floating through the powder!