Greetings again from the Land of the Long White Cloud.  We had a mixed bag of weather this week starting with nice sunny days before strong winds and finally, heavy rain here in town that turned into good snowfalls up on the mountain.  Friday was the first day resort hasn’t opened during our three weeks here.  Most were up early and on the bus but Cardrona was still on hold.  The driver waited outside the office in town when it was announced just after 8am the resort wouldn’t open.  Quite a few spent most of the day (and I mean about 4 hours!) soaking in the hot pools at Oakridge Resort.  It snowed again today (Sunday) so everyone holed up inside - it was definitely an afternoon for serious couch-time and some DVDs.

Our new SnowSkool jackets arrived late in the week and everyone is “well pleased” with them.  They do look great, even if we say so ourselves!

Training has continued with intensity.  The Level 1 exams are now only a week away so everyone is focused.  Health issues seemed to have abated a little as the group acclimatises.  A couple are still visiting the physio to settle niggling injuries but nothing major in the way of body damage to report. 

Those participating in Freestyle Fridays are really enjoying it – they are belting down the skier/boarder cross course, jumping off the kickers and hitting the rails.  It certainly all brings a smile to their dials!  Classes missed on Friday due to resort closure were made up on Saturday – John the bus driver is such a sweetheart he arranged to get the bus on Saturday (his day off) instead.  Such is life in NZ! 

This past week we’ve enjoyed a roast beef dinner at the local pub - the Bullock Bar - as well as some tasty curry at The Spice Room. It’s a new restaurant in town that came well recommended by other British visitors, so we decided to give it a go and we weren’t disappointed.  REALLY good.  In contrast, tonight we headed to Uncle Mike’s BBQ for some American-style spicy ribs and burgers et al.

This weekend was just a quiet one around town for most, given the poor weather on Friday re-arranged the schedule for us.  Some ventured further afield – one went off to visit friends in Dunedin (about 3.5 hours drive away) and another headed to Queenstown with his aunt who is visiting from Singapore.  Adam's aunt joined the group for dinner on Sunday night and slotted right in.

We have discovered SnowSkooler Samantha Cailler is a dab hand with her camera and Sam has kindly shared some of her photos with us.  Check our Photos from Week 3.

That’s about it from beautiful Wanaka, until next Sunday.


Marion and Jamie


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