Another fun and successful week in Wanaka as our time here draws to a close.  My husband arrived on Saturday to help us pack up and take his girls home next week.  It was great to be back together again after some eight weeks apart.

But more importantly, the L1 results on Wednesday saw the remaining SnowSkoolers pass with flying colours – and that makes for 100%!  After some disappointment earlier in the course, it was great to see the four of them so happy.  And they should be well pleased with themselves – they picked up, dusted off and trained really hard for it.  Greg and Richard continued straight on with the L2s – a final day of training on Thursday, a rest day on Friday and then the exam course started on Saturday.  Ant and Joe separately headed to Queenstown, having missed the earlier group trip.  Meanwhile, the boarders had Thursday off, trained Friday and Saturday and will start their exam course on Wednesday.  Training is now all over and it’s down to the wire.

Can’t tell you what a nightmare it is this week organising buses and meals as everyone needs to go in different directions at different times….eight days of exams for skiers with three evening classroom sessions overlapping five days of exams for boarders with two classroom sessions.  Sod’s law – the evening sessions are, of course, all on different nights.  It’s been a challenge but we have swapped around eating in versus dining out and hired extra buses.  We were feeling very pleased with ourselves until the first extra bus scheduled for Sunday still hadn’t arrived by 7.40am.  The driver – not our ever-reliable John, who was busy running a leg of a local peak-to-peak iron-man event – turned up late, was eating a pie for breakfast and thought he was taking the group to Treble Cone instead of Cardrona!  Jamie soon sorted him out.  We look forward to John taking care of us through until the end of the exams so between us we can be sure that if anyone doesn’t pass the L2s it won’t because they were hungry or didn’t turn up on time!

The crazy schedule means our last dinner together is this Thursday when we’ll head to The Venue to eat while we watch all the photos and video footage and relive some fabulous memories and funny moments.  FYI, we are providing all SnowSkoolers with hi-res copies of the photos we’ve been snapping, including those from the newsletters.  For those traveling with a computer, we’re transferring the files via a memory stick and for those without a computer, we’ll burn a DVD.  But here are this week's pics....

Photos from Week 9

The week – nay, our stay – ends on Saturday with the announcement of the L2 results in town at 5.00pm for the boarders and 6.00pm for the skiers….you guessed it, in different locations – Sod’s very busy enforcing his law this week.

We’ll do our best to be back in touch before we all go our separate ways this time next week.  It’s going to be a mad scramble at the end – the bus departs at 9.00am on Sunday for the six and a half hour drive to Christchurch before the main group’s flight departs at 6.50pm for Auckland, Los Angeles and finally, on to Heathrow. It’s going to be a big week but one thing’s for sure…the guys will not leave New Zealand wondering what might have been.  They are putting it all out there on the mountain and what will be will be.

Until next week,

Marion and Jamie


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