Monday 21st

The week began when Sarem, Elliot, James, Bryony, Ella, Harry B and Charlie went on a trip to Mt. Norquay to take their level 2 training. A bit of a scenery change from sunshine and it gave them that extra bit of a challenge to help push themselves a bit further. Back at sunshine Mark was using the last few days to perfect and improve the rest of the skiers, while the snowboarders began their 4-day exam training. And with a busy week ahead, most got a early night.

Tuesday 22nd

It was the last day of Norquay training for the level 2 group. Norquay is especially good for steep slopes and groomed runs, and this gave the group the skills to wow their examiners later in the week, with the skills learned. Mark's remaining skiers decided to take it easy so as not to exhaust themselves while the snowboarders got some last-minute instruction from their instructors, mainly on carving. A more subdued beer pong tournament happened in the storm cellar, but with the big day tomorrow most wanted a early night.

Wednesday 23rd

It was the first day of exams for the skiers! After splitting into groups and a quick classroom session they got out on the snow. The snowboarders were beginning to teach their lessons - and are expected to show how to plan a lesson, get improvement from students and understand all the theory. Every participant in the exam has to teach a lesson to a professional level. And now one more quiet night before everyone finds out their results tomorrow!

Thursday 24th

And so it's here, the final day of exams - for boarders and skiers alike! One last chance to impresses the examiners. The skiers were tested on intermediate parallel, bumps, and snowplow, covering all bases for a level 2 instructor. But enough about all the background and so on to the results!

Congratulations first to Caolan and Sean, who both passed their ride parts of the exam. And well done to Alex G and Alex K, Mike, Aslak, Liam and Freddie for passing both the ride and teaching elements and becoming fully-qualified level 2 qualified snowboard instructors!

And for the skiers, Sarem, Scott, Patrick, Harry W, Harry B, Charlie, Lauren, Tom, Bryony, James, Ella, Elliot, Sam, Chris and Dan C all passed both parts. It was a 100% pass for the skiers, so a massive well done to all of you! The group headed straight to Trappers, the on-hill bar for a well earnt celebration. And as is now customary for Thursdays, the party carried on downhill - all the way into Banff to Hoodoos night club.

Friday 25th

A very quiet day for SnowSkool, and after the celebration of the night and day before I would say they all deserved a rest. So it was a day of walks in the sunshine and soaking up beautiful Banff while they still can. It's the Easter holiday weekend in town though and it is packed with tourists.

On hill was very busy as well but that didn't stop Lauren and Bryony going for a cheeky ski, with a very proud Lauren telling anyone who will listen that she is a level 2 instructor. You crack us up every time. The night saw another (painful) Friday-night karaoke, with Freddie gracing us with a couple of... Disney classics!

Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th

It was a busy weekend in town and on hill, but that didn't top Elliot, James and Sam practicing for their park course next week by throwing some tricks in Angel park at Sunshine Village. While Scott, Paige and Lauren visited the famous Athabaster glacier, well known for its beautiful scenery.

So we leave you as the group get fired up for their penultimate Sunday Funday to further celebrate their results!

See you next year!

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