The temperature has plummeted once again in Banff this week, with the average for most days being a chilly -10. However, the sun has been shining and the group has been making the most of the great snow base at Sunshine Village.

Despite the cold start to the week the Snowboarders got to spend half the day in the terrain park hiking boxes and rails - and learning some new technical skills.

On Tuesday, Snowboard instructor Darryl introduced the group to his secret warm up method - hackey-sack. This basically meant 12 guys and girls, including Lana Culley, Sam Lorbner, Sam Vaughan, Keir Coupland and a bunch more, in full snow gear and boots, kicking a ball on the snow. The result was some extremely warmed up muscles and plenty of laughs to set the group up well for a full day of training. 

Skimaster Kenji took his group through the harder moguls on Wednesday on the Goats Eye Mountain, testing the resilience of the group’s knees and hips! The group has good knees and hips. The group also had a little carving photo shoot on the Goats Eye while the sun was shining.

Both Hayley and Jake Carling celebrated birthdays on Wednesday and celebrated in style with birthday cakes a big night out in town!

Thursday was also a special day for the Aussie contingency on the program. Australia was honoured and respected with speedo runs and another night on the town! Sam Vaughn donned an Australian jersey for the entire day and celebrated in style.

The week was capped off with some warmer weather, with Friday pushing up to positive temperatures. The group got a big free ride on Friday afternoon and this allowed them to push their own limits all over the mountain and in the Terrain Park.

Snow is forecast for the weekend and fingers are crossed for another big dump up at Sunshine Village. 1 week left until the Level 1 exams kick off!!

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