After a big weekend celebrating their exam results, the Snowskool group in Banff began their first week of training for their level two certifications! A new arrival, Jamie Mueller, has sparked some energy in the group as he returned to complete his level two exams.

The weather this week has been unreal, the snow has been falling and when it wasn’t the sun was shining! The group got a freeride day on Monday and with the warm temps the newly certified ski and snowboard instructors used the day to their full potential, throwing down some crazy tricks.

A night of Dodgeball and indoor football on Monday in the Sally Borden sports hall let the group let some steam off before lessons kicked off once again on Tuesday. The level two training lessons have begun focusing on the teaching abilities of the group. Dummy lessons being led by each individual are standard in lessons at the moment. Sommerset and Claire both celebrated birthdays on Tuesday. Chocolate cake and beer were on hand to help the celebrations.

The group spent Wednesday ripping around the mountain, still working on their teaching but homing their riding skills too. Toms ski group spent plenty of time in the Goats eye moguls and tree, whilst Darryl’s snowboarders worked on their switch riding. Thursday and Friday was a bit more relaxed with plenty of supervised freeriding. Ski boss, Kenji took his ski group off some cliffs on the Standish chairlift, all of whom handled it expertly.

Darryl’s boarders also tackled some cliffs off the Strawberry chairlift to varying levels of success! Darryl’s guys also spent time filming their group and analysing the results in the afternoon, comparing them to footage shot earlier in the week.

Karaoke went down on Friday night in the HI Hostel bar, The Storm Cellar, which was attended by a big squad from the Snowskool group, which always leads to hilarity. The rest of weekend was fairly relaxed. Family Day long weekend in Alberta lead to huge numbers flooding the ski hills and forming looong lift lines. The group should be well rested and eager for more lessons on Monday!

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