It’s the end of another huge week here in Banff and in the process we crossed our halfway line! A snowy weekend and some colder weather has built the snow base up at Sunshine Village and provided great conditions all week for the SnowSkool gang.

On Monday, a bunch of the Skiers participated in the Teaching Kids module, a one day course at Sunshine Village that allowed the guys and girls to gain some credit points towards their level 2 instructorships. The rest of the skiers were graced with a freeride day, and they made the most of the conditions!

Darryl spent Tuesday with his group practicing teaching techniques and exaggerated carving techniques. Sam Vaughn, Nico Duvivier and Adam Blackwell all spent the day cruising down the Standish chairlift with Darryl and enjoying the sunshine!

The temperature dropped on Wednesday and the Kenji warmed his groups’ toes up by sending them down some moguls and working on their switch skiing. Sunshine snowboarding instructor John, working with SnowSkool this winter, spent his Wednesday hiking boxes in the Wolverine park. Dan G was working on his first 270 off the box, Sammy Wright, Miyako, Louie and Harry King were the group working on their boardslides.

Another teaching children course was run on Thursday, this course was for the rest of the skiers who didn’t sit it on Monday and taught tactics and techniques the group can use when teaching children themselves in the future. A pub crawl was hosted by Hostel staff and a large squad of Snowskoolers descended on the bars and clubs of Banff Thursday night.

Friday was a sunny day on the ski hill and in Banff township. The Snowskool gang were given some freedom to ride as they like with supervision from their instructors, who still gave tips and advice on how to improve their riding further. A number of the group spent time in the park on Friday, Tom Howse, Ollie W, Tyler and Sam Fletcher lapped the big jumps to varying success while Mason S and Ben hiked some larger rails in the top park homing their skills.

A weekend session in the campground adjacent to the HI Hostel with homemade rails, jumps and jibs was set up and smashed out by a few of the group. Mason and Ben were among  few snowskoolers learning some insane new tricks,

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