A memorable week! It kicked off with over half a meter of snow, which set the scene for the rest of the week....

One of the snowboard instructors took his group on a half hour hike over the side of the Goats Eye Mountain to a spot known as the South Side Chutes. The Chutes have only been open for a few days prior - and with nearly half a meter or more of fresh powder the gang had an amazing run down some genuinely world class terrain. Keir Coupland and Hugh Mason were amongst the group getting into it, sending it off cliffs all the way down.

The rest of the SnowSkool guys ripped fresh lines in the trees and practiced big drops all over the mountain.

With the Level 2 examinations closing in, a focus on teaching skills has become apparent in all lessons. Sam Hartley led his snowboarders down standish for a few runs on Tuesday, honing their riding skills and his own teaching skills. A lot of the Ski groups spent time on the Divide and Teepee Town chairlifts on Tuesday, making the most of the fresh snow in the moguls and also taking turns leading mock lessons in the preparation for the exams.

The snow continued to fall all through the week, providing Pow day after Pow day and Wednesday proved no different. Once again the morning was spent by the majority of the SnowSkool gang ripping fresh lines through trees and off crazy drops and hits. Adam Blackwell found himself flying through some tight trees on the WaWa lift only to fly off a hidden drop, putting to his feet of course. Keir Coupland celebrated his birthday on Wednesday and this kicked off a run of party nights in Town and at the Hostel! Sam Vaugn put down some of his first Rodeo airs in the fresh snow and by the end of the day was sending them all over the place!

Once again the snow gods provided for us here in Banff, Sunshine Village. The Snowskool gang woke up on Thursday to find another 15cm of fresh stuff had fallen overnight. The Skiers kicked off the first day of Level 2 training in the powder while the boarders continued to practice in their regular lessons. Harry King lead Tom’s snowboard group, including Myako, Meg, Louie and Dan, down the Divide Chair for his chance to work in his teaching. Focusing on their ability to exaggerate carves and switch riding, the group improved their riding while Harry honed his teaching ability and terminology. 

For the Skiiers on the course Thursday marked the first training day, a prerequisite for their level 2 exams.The course ran for two days and he guys were split up into new groups and lead by some of the most experienced instructors in the area, some of whom will be their examiners later in the month. Focusing on the finer details of the exam, the groups were led all over the mountain and gained valuable feedback before their exams. With the riding standard of our Snowskoolers extremely high, the focus was on teaching skills that the skiers will need for their future instructing careers.

The snow has barely stopped all week, with over a meter falling since last Friday. The conditions have not been better at Sunshine Village for several seasons. Wild West freeride zone opened this week for the first time in 4 years and hopefully some of the group will get to test their skills in the coming weeks. The snow continued to fall all weekend also, with a fresh 30cms settled for those brave enough to battle the Sunday crowds!

Bring on next week! Bring on more snow!

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