The final week rolled around more quickly than people wanted it to. But it didn’t dampen spirits. Monday was a progression day. Lana, Oscar Harte and Will spent the day hiking rails in the park. Cedric and Jonty decided to take it a bit more advanced and got a park lesson with one of the instructors, Steffan, up at Sunshine. Everyone trying to get those final tricks for the season locked down!

Tuesday night was the groups final chance to get to Wild Bills in the evening for the Mechanical Bull Riding and Karaoke (fortunately not at the same time). Jonty, Nicole and Eoin were all brave enough to attempt riding the bull. Francesca was even braver and got up on stage to sing some Karaoke!

On Wednesday the 11th Adam and Lana took a small SnowSkool contingent (Hugh, Will, Emma Summerhayes, Jonty, Cedric, Cam Christopher, Eoin and Jan) up to Lake Louise. With a bit of fresh pow the night before and an amazing sunny, bluebird day to greet them as they got to the ski hill, they were in for an unreal day! Adam took the group through a section of the mountain called “Rock Garden” where there are lots of little drops and jumps. And after a morning of tight trees and steep terrain, a lot of the group headed to the famous Lake Louise park. It was the perfect afternoon for it too, the sun was out, and the snow was soft! All in all, an unreal day up at Lake Louise.

The final day snuck up on everyone extremely quickly. With a lot of last minute packing done it was time to say our farewells. After 13, amazing weeks, together it was a very emotional goodbye. But I’m sure it’s more of a “see you later” for everyone!

What an unreal season had by all. Thank you to all the SnowSkoolers this season who have made it so amazing! We hope you had the time of your lives. Don’t be strangers and stay in touch. We look forward to hearing all the successful adventures in the snow industry!

Adam and Lana

SnowSkool Banff Team

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