Week 3 here in Banff kicked off with the usual slow starts and heavy heads from Sunday Funday events followed by afternoon lessons on the hill, still the best way to get over any hangovers from the night before! Monday evening the group had a tuning session organized in Wild Bills. We were fortunate enough to learn from a Swix technician how to wax and tune boards and skis to get optimum performance out of them whilst on the slopes. 

Monday night it had snowed just over 20 cm of snow, so we were in for a treat on Tuesday. All the ski and snowboard groups took full advantage of the snow even getting in laps of ‘freshies’ before their lessons.

Wednesday, we had another 10-15 cm snow. With a perfect top up of snow Mark’s ski group hiked up Southside Chutes, a steep off- piece run with lots of fresh powder. The group learnt how to properly slash the powder. The run definitely wouldn’t of been complete without a few powder wipeouts from Evan and Jarred.

Sophie’s ski group went back to the basics, working on putting pressure on their downhill ski to perfect their technique, this one done by only skiing on the one ski!

John, Daryl and Evan’s snowboard groups went and did park laps in the afternoon as all the powder had been tracked out. In the park the groups were learning 180s and grabs off jumps, progressing into nose & tail pressing on boxes and then onto board slides. The whole group of snowboarders made massive progression in the park ready for those who have booked onto their level 1 park course.

Wednesday evening, we all walked to The Banff Centre where we had football and dodgeball games organized in the sports hall. Sebastian and James’s football skills soon stood out whilst they were running rings around the rest of us. The girls team still managed to beat some of the boys with Emma and Francesca at the forefront organizing tactics. 

Thursday’s layer of snow was good after the last few days of snow which made the ‘groomers’ perfect for Kenji's ski group. They were practicing their no-pole skiing, going down runs with their hands only allowed on their knees to encourage bending the knees.

Nicole's birthday that evening bought many of the SnowSkoolers down to the bar for games of pool and table football to celebrate.

Friday brought their last day of lessons for the week, Steffan’s group went through the park practicing their jumping and boxes, also getting ready for those skiers who have their park level 1 instructor course coming up. Louis’s birthday meant another night in the Storm Cellar for games and Karaoke. Up and coming Pop Idols smashing the Karaoke included Henry at the forefront, nominating many of his mates to sing some top songs. Alex, Tobias, Nat and Jonty were just a few that got dragged up on stage to sing.

Friday night bought another 15cm of snow overnight which meant another good day of skiing on Saturday, Lana the SnowSkool rep showed a few skiers and boarders some good off piece powder runs. Including the ‘backdoor run’ which takes a bit of a hike to get to.

Sunday was the big Super bowl day, which meant the whole group heading to Wild Bills for all you can eat Chili-dogs and the game on the big screen. The SnowSkoolers had a massive part of Wild Bills booked out to themselves and with an awesome game to entertain them, it made for an awesome SuperBowl Sunday!

Another week down, until next week!


Adam and Lana

Banff SnowSkool Reps

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