Week 5 here in Banff means Level 1 exam week, while nerves were building monday morning the group all felt much more confident at lunch time and expressed how they were all enjoying the course. Monday and Tuesday evening involved early nights of homework and revision for everyone in preparation for the the final day of examination on Wednesday where the group got their results. Both the snowboard and ski examiners were all impressed with the high level of riding and teaching, expressing how they look forward to seeing everyone again at the level 2, this years group was the best set of results! Congratulations to everyone for passing!

Wednesday evening called for big celebrations, starting at the Storm Cellar in the Hostel and leading into a bar crawl. Heading to Mels, Devils Gap and then finishing the night dancing away in Sasquatch with a special DJ appearance.

With no lessons Thursday, Friday this week, the groups got up to lots of different things. Jonty, Nat, Toby, Eoin, Lucie, Orlaith, Emma and Rosie all completed the leg burning hike up Tunnel Mountain to be greeted with the amazing views over Banff at the top. Lucie managed to wear the wrong footwear resulting in sliding on her jacket on the way down.

Jonty and Henry enjoyed exploring Banff hot springs on Friday whilst Racheal, Nicole, Will, Hugh, Leonie and George enjoyed some park laps, practising for their Park level 1 next week.

Friday evening meant the usual Karaoke down at the bar. A group of ‘Snowskoolers’ headed to High rollers where they had pizza and enjoyed some games of Bowling, Nat and Cam were our resident Big Lebowski's, winning a game each!

Somehow Alex managed to borrow a dog called Izzy on Friday, he took her for a walk around the fairmont hotel grounds with James, Orlaith, Lucie and Rosie who joined him to cure his major dog withdrawals. Who'd of known you could borrow a dog for a day...

On Saturday Cedric and Henry took a crew to go ice skating at the Fairmont hotel and warmed up by the firepit there. Saturday night Will went night snowboarding at Norquay with some of his friends from the Hostel where he enjoyed park laps under the stars!

Another massive congrats to all the  SnowSkoolers for passing Level 1's! Keep up the motivation, on to Level 2!

Adam and Lana

Banff SnowSkool Team

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