The post Level one week has begun! Monday morning started with the Avalanche course theory day, where the group learnt how avalanches are started and how to recognize where they typically would fall from.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the group split up into smaller groups for the avalanche course practical days up on the mountain. This is where they all used transceivers, probes and shovels to learn the procedures to find friends in the event of an avalanche. The groups also learnt about the different layering of snow and how to recognize the kind of layers that are more likely to be avalanche prone. Although it was a bitter -29 on these days all the groups did great and managed to collect their Avalanche level 1 certificates!

Tuesday evening in Banff is cheap cinema night as well as the night to ride the bull at Wild Bills, so the group did both! We watched the new Marvel film, Black Panther. After the popcorn throwing stopped (and Cam’s snoring), everyone enjoyed an action-packed film.

Thursday was the start of the Park level 1 course for the snowboarders! This is the qualification for SnowSkoolers to be able to teach people freestyle tricks off jumps and rails through the park. They all taught various lessons on how to jump with grabs, 180s, 360s and how to ride boxes through the park safely. Friday afternoon was results day and the whole group did amazing and should be proud of themselves with another certificate in the bag! Congratulations to those guys who did their park!

Friday evening a dodgeball and football tournament was organized in the large sports hall at the Banff Centre. Ryan, Ed, Laurin, Freddie, Seb and Raphi were the team to beat at dodgeball, as they managed to crush any team they played against! After the sports hall the group headed to the Storm Cellar at the hostel where a raffle was being drawn for a snowboard! Ryan Shaw was the lucky winner, with a brand new, lib tech snowboard to ride for the rest of the season!

Saturday was Ice Hockey game day in Calgary. A group of 42 SnowSkoolers went to watch Calgary Flames Vs Colorado Avalanche! Morale was high the whole day, not only because we got there in time for happy hour in the stadium, but the Flames were winning the whole game! They managed to score just 18 seconds in, after puck drop! All the crowd was on top form the whole game with Calgary on such a winning streak, the game ended with a brilliant score, 5-1 to Calgary! 

With a slow start for everyone on Sunday some of the group went up the mountain free skiing whilst others have a lazy Sunday ready for back to lessons on tomorrow and with good news that the weather is getting warmer again, so everyone's fingers are crossed for some more snow next week! Bring on the lessons for level 2! 

Until next week!

Adam and Lana 

SnowSkool Banff Team

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