Time is flying already and on we go to Week 2! Monday morning had arrived and a few SnowSkoolers were probably feeling a little worse for wear after their first Sunday Funday the night before. After getting up the mountain though, they were all well on their way to recovery thanks to the fresh mountain air.

Tuesday was a beautiful blue bird day, most of the ski groups were learning their one footed turns and learning how much having pressure on the working edge of their ski would make a difference. The snowboarders were learning all out being in their centred positions, when performing turns and spins

On Wednesday there was a slight overcast on the mountain. The SnowSkoolers thoroughly enjoyed this as they were learning how to ride in less visibility than normal. A vital skill - as lessons don’t just stop when the clouds come rolling in!

Thursday the snowboarders that were in Daryl’s group were learning how to perform their first 360 off a small jump on standish run. A few stacks definitely took place! The skiers spent the day learning how much using their pole will be of an advantage to them when turning down steeper terrain.

Friday was the SnowSkoolers half day again. In the morning lessons the boarders were blasting through the tree routes getting use to turning their board quickly, after finishing their lessons most SnowSkoolers headed back on the mountain to practise and perfect everything that they had been thought during the week. A few students then met at trappers après bar at 3 for a few chilled drinks after their tiring, first full week. Friday night was their second karaoke night of the season, now that the students were getting more comfortable with each other some hilarious songs started to be sung. Perhaps a few hidden talents in the group!

Saturday! Aussie Day! This was a day a lot of SnowSkoolers had been waiting for. A huge group of SnowSkoolers headed up the mountain bright and early ready for their “less” clothes run at 11 o’clock, lots of flags flying over boarder shorts and bikinis! After this, most people on the mountain headed to the bar on hill and started to party in true Aussie fashion! Saturday night was a very very busy night out, the students spread out going to different bars; High-Roller’s, Mel’s, Devil’s gap etc but mostly ending up in The Dancing Sasquatch.

Sunday came around quickly again and the students were feeling a little sorry for themselves. A few made it back up the mountain, the snow had fallen a little which left a nice layer of powder over the whole resort. But the rest took the chance to rest after their first long week on snow! Back to it again on Monday!

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