Exam week is upon us! Monday morning came around fast and it was time for the first day of the SnowSkoolers Level 1 exams. The students were understandably nervous about the following three days. They all headed to Creekside lodge to sign in for their exams and then they headed up the gondola to put their stuff away and meet their examiners. The first day of the exams they spent most of their day just riding with their examiners. At four o’clock they finished and went back to the hostel for a night of revising the subjects they would be teaching the following day.

Day two of the exams the students had prepared their teaches and were ready to go. Once relaxed, the students realised that the exams weren’t as bad as they had been thinking. They performed their teaching tasks with excellent structure and professionalism.

Wednesday the final day of exams! The students went up the mountain bright and early. This was the day where they were given their final chances to show both their riding and teaching ability’s. The students performed this flawlessly! After finishing at around two o’clock, some of the students went back on the mountain for some stress relieving free ridings and some hit trappers the bar to be able to chill out before receiving their results at four o’clock back down at Creekside! The skiers headed upstairs and split into their groups to receive their results whilst the snowboarders stayed downstairs and as a big group for a results presentation.

The stress was over the students had their results and it was time to celebrate, all of the students put all of their efforts in and it paid off! It was time to head back to the hostel for a quick bit of food and get ready for partying, we can all happily say it was a heavy night!

Thursday was a slow and groggy start for the students. They were definitely still feeling the excitement of now being qualified instructors although their heads were a little worse for wear!

A lot of the students headed up the mountain for their first day of trying new tricks they had been wanting to do since the start of the course! It was a very warm and blue-sky day up on the mountain.

Friday was park day! Adam took the SnowSkoolers up the hill for a park photo session. Plenty of new tricks and features being hit by everyone! The celebrations continued on to Friday evening, still buzzing with their exam results, the students hit the storm cellar hard then headed to devils gap for a night of dancing!

The weekend was a very chilled one in comparison to the all go week. It was family weekend in Canada, so most of the students decided not to head up the mountain and instead build their own jump behind the hostel.

Sunday night there was no pub crawl on from the hostel, but Adam and Hugh decided to put their own little one on, that only lasted two bars before the students decided they needed a proper dance and headed to Devils Gap then Sasquatch!

Back to lessons next week and the push to Level 2 begins!

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