We've had the level 2 exams on this week. And What a week it has been here in Big White! It has all been leading up to this moment for the students and we have had a beautiful week of bluebird days to keep spirits high during a challenging period on the slopes. After some last minute rider adjustments and studying on Monday, the SnowSkoolers finally sat their level 2 exams this week and they did not disappoint. With over 95% pass rate across the whole programme, it has been a hugely successful week. Massive congratulations to everyone for a great performance; you should all be very proud of yourselves.

The snowboarders had a 4 day assessment where they had to prove impeccable standards of both riding and teaching, and demonstrate their abilities to teach both on and off-piste lessons as well as freestyle and beginner skills. The skiers, having already attended 3 days of pre-courses, had only 2 days of assessment to complete. The CSIA assessors put them through their paces on some of the toughest slopes on the mountain - and the SnowSkoolers really rose to the challenge, emerging from the other side of a tough 2 days with a 100% pass rate. That's incredible.

Unsurprisingly, celebrations were in full flow on Friday night at the Hawaiian themed results party held in one of the SnowSkool units. This was a great opportunity for both students and trainers to come together and cut loose after 10 tough weeks of training and exams. The punch was flowing and the spirits were high among the newly-qualified instructors, with the party also happening to coincide with Steve's birthday (as if there wasn't enough to celebrate already!). Happy Birthday Steve! Saturday's group meal was a nice chance to get together and reflect on a successful week, compare notes from the night before and get rehydrated. Or continue celebrating in several cases...

It doesn't stop here though! With one remaining week, the last few skiers will face their level 2 exam. And a number of the boarders, not content with mere level 1 & 2 CASI qualifications, will also be sitting their park exams. Good luck to all of the candidates sitting exams. For everyone else, this week will be a chance to continue celebrating, do some free riding and enjoy the final week on the slopes before unfortunately having to head home. Make the most of it guys. Let's hope the weather holds up...


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