It was the final week of SnowSkool Big White 2017, and the SnowSkoolers really made the most of their remaining time at the resort, hitting the slopes hard and the bars harder still. 

A few of the keen beans were not content with just their level 1 and level 2 qualifications in either skiing or snowboarding though, and decided to take the park course as well!

Once more, the assessors put them through their paces but this time with a freestyle focus, ensuring they were capable of both performing and teaching others how to hit the features in the park and spin in the air. Congratulations to those who passed and can now add their Park 1 certificate to their collection! It's definitely a worthwhile one to have, especially if the park is your happy place. 

We also had a couple of skiers who had not managed to get onto the level 2 course the previous week take part in the following week's course. Congratulations to Fergus and Charles who both passed with flying colours, despite not having their SnowSkool peers around to help them through. Nice work boys!

The final farewell dinner for the group was in the restaurant 'the Woods' where there was a general feeling of "I don't want this to be over!", mixed in with a sense of achievement to have come out the other end as qualified instructors. New life long friendships have been forged and new careers are just beginning for a lot of the group, so there is a lot for them to look forward to. 

We bid farewell the the vast majority of the SnowSkoolers on Monday, with hugs all round and the odd tear here and there. This is definitely not the end though! We are excited to see a lot of familiar faces back a Big White next season, and find out where these qualifications will take others in Canada and the rest of the world. Till next time guys!

SnowSkool Big White out. 

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