With level 1 exams out of the way, this week brought the beginning of level 2 training for the skiers and snowboarders; this is where the hard work really begins!

Having bid a sad farewell to our 5 weekers Ralph and Jane (we'll miss you guys), we also welcomed back John who completed his level 1 during the 5 weeks course last year and decided to come back for level 2 this year. Welcome back John!

We experienced some ups and downs on the weather front, with some scorching -2 degree days followed by freezing rain and finally some fluffy snow! This meant drinks outside on the deck after class, an early finish by some trainers to 'reflect on progress to date' in the pub and then fresh tracks early the next morning. Focus this week has been on starting to look at rider improvement and analysis, analysing each other's riding and that of the other people on the mountain.

After Friday night dinner this week, the group decided to have a beer pong party hosted by Will B, Franco, Scott J and Dave T. It was a great success, meaning that someone managed to sleep through their snowmobiling tour on Sunday morning (cough Will). Luckily, we know people in the right places and he's tagging along on another tour in a couple of weeks; we got your back buddy!

The rest of the second group of snowmobilers did manage to wake up their sore heads and make it to the snowmobiling hut for their tour, and fortunately we didn't have any accidents this time around. Good work guys! Not only that, but Paul also took part in a 5k snowshoeing race - with a cracked rib no less! Very impressive, I don't know how you did it Paul. That's too much exercise for most of us on a Sunday.

The hard work continues next week on the training front, so let's hope the multiple injuries the SnowSkoolers have sustained start healing and the hangovers aren't too severe. We'll also be doing our best snow dance in the hope of some more powder days.

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