Training ramped up for the SnowSkoolers at Big White last week, with training taking them to some of the toughest terrain on the mountain- the Cliff. Fortunately, the conditions have been very favourable, with plenty of fresh stuff falling after the previous week's unseasonably warm temperatures. That meant a very soft landing for the many inevitable falls that the group faced. They were even joined by some of the wildlife that Canada has to offer when a wild Lynx crossed their paths on the mountain. Oh Canada, you never fail to impress.

Analysis and rider improvement continued, with the focus starting to switch to some teaching techniques for higher standard riders. This means they can analyse and provide feedback to each other- don't hold back! They also received some video feedback as well so that they can self analyse and see where they personally need to improve.

We had another birthday on Wednesday- happy birthday to our token Kiwi Dan! With his birthday falling on wings Wednesday, the crew headed out to Sessions for some delicious wings and then headed down for a beer pong party... Minus the beer pong. Things got pretty wild and a few of the students were not in a position to go to class the next morning; we won't name any names though (cough Zach cough).

Friday was another opportunity for the group to cut loose after a very challenging week, with group dinner taking place at the Bull Wheel. Afterwards the students headed off to a few different parties or to the pub... We won't go into the details of that happened next but rest assured it was a lot of fun followed by a lot of headaches. Good job guys; nice to see you playing as hard as you are working. You earned it!

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