It was the final week of training before level 2 exams and classes this week were conducted in a mock exam style. This was to give the Snowskoolers an idea of what to expect in the coming week, while also giving feedback on where their teaching and riding standards were at. Some of the groups also received video feedback to help with this. With one last opportunity to correct any of their bad habits, it was an intense week for them all.

To celebrate their last day of lessons, one of the ski groups consisting of Gemma, Lucy, Sam S, Paul, Harrison and Scott J, decided that it was a 'tight and bright' sort of occasion, and so donned some retro attire over the top of their ski gear for the day (picture below). They definitely made a statement!

As per usual, Friday night brought the whole group together for dinner, this week at Blarney's for some Irish fare. Spirits were high despite the nervousness of having competed the final training week - and so the drinks and laughs were flowing. After dinner the group headed to Sam's where a very Canadian drinking game was played involving a tree stump, a hammer and a number of nails. We should probably leave that one to the Canadians in future...

After a heavy Friday night, a valiant attempt at pub golf was made the next day by a few of the boys. They managed to get a photo with the Loose Moose himself so I'd say it was pretty successful (again, photo below).

Lastly, we'd like to offer huge congratulations to Fergus and Will P who passed their level 1 ski exams this week. Nice job boys! Your hard work really paid off.

Now let's look forward to level 2 next week!

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