Exam week dawned on the students up at Big White - and the CASI and CSIA examiners arrived to put the Snowskoolers through their paces.

The snowboarders had one final day to iron out any issues in their riding before their 4-day assessment began. The skiers had 3 days of course before 2 days of assessment. Their training had all been leading up to this. And boy did they perform!

The examiners assessed both the riding and teaching of all of the participants, judging and comparing them against national ski and snowboard association standards. Every single student passed at least one part of the assessment, and the vast majority are now qualified level 2 ski or snowboard instructors! We would like to say a massive well done to everyone. Your hard work and effort really paid off. We’re sure that those who didn’t make it will get there next time.

After a grueling week, it was time to celebrate. The final day of exams happened to fall on St Paddy's Day, which meant that a big night was definitely on the cards. The SnowSkoolers cut loose in Sessions for dinner followed by drinking until the early hours - and were joined by many of the trainers and examiners that they had been working with over the duration of the course. Green coloured drinks were flowing and a great time was had by all. Which is more than can be said about the next morning.

The celebrations continued over the weekend both on and off the slopes. Next week is the final week of the Snowskoolers' stay up at the resort and an opportunity for them to relax and get some unassessed and unscrutinised riding in. Enjoy it guys; you earned it! 

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