Another week in the mountains saw the group going back to basics on the bunny hill, for without good foundations you can't start to build and develop. With their time on the bunny hill they also got exposed to the teaching platform, for skiers the 'Gliding Experience' from CSIA and for snowboarders the 'Quickride' system. The crew also go to have a crack at some of their first teaches to their peers.

In other on mountain news I am happy to say that  Timothy Cipriani has greatly improved his beverage pouring ability and there is hope yet for him to become designated pourer, after his week one grilling from Philippa he has been training a lot! I am also happy to inform you that the Whitetail house has finally made it out of the dark ages after discovering the correct Wifi to connect to, more happy and connected people for sure!

As per every week we have been having our weekly meals at Globe where an honourable mention goes to Sam Walter for forgetfulness, as he managed to walk out of the restaurant without paying his bar tab. We also got to go to a new location for dinner the Black Diamond restaurant where many people loved sampling the legendary milkshakes for desert!

All in all it has been a great week for falls, perhaps some nominations for Jerry of the Day, with some great double ejections and stacks. Our nomination goes to Jacob Harley-Beckett and Fraser Abbott, luckily all involved came out okay, though Jacobs snowboard came off worse for wear and had a rough first day on snow.

The crew have been doing amazing and we have been receiving some really positive feedback from trainers, keep it up and the level 1 will be a breeze!

Can't wait for next week and the off snow activity of tubing!!!

Until next week.

Scott and Philippa

Big White SnowSkool Team

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