And so another week passes, but what a productive week it has been! This week saw the group spending a lot of time on the bunny hill, as this week was the last one before exams. Everyone has been in study/cram teach mode. The group has been hard at work on their practice teaching - with some individuals even swapping equipment, giving others the chance to put their teaching skills to use on some real test subjects.

We had a few good stories this week, though, but I think the best story to come out (bar skis going M.I.A) would be Jim snowboarding into a tree clearing it completely of snow. Sounds like the tree came off second best to Jim!!

In off-snow news this week, we were lucky enough on Tuesday night to go see the Kelowna Rockets Hockey Team play the Medicine Hat Tigers. The crew all got to stand and pay tribute to the Canadian national anthem - with some friendly jabs at those who forgot to take off their hats, in their defence it's chilly in an ice rink!! It was a fantastic evening with the group partaking in some half time antics to unscramble words. With a great game, food and beverages a plenty, its safe to say it was an awesome and true Canadian night out!

This coming week the crew is buckling in for their exam week and I am sure nerves are starting to kick in!! So I want to say on behalf of everyone at SnowSkool GOOD LUCK!

Can't wait to hopefully share some great news from everyone in next week's update.

Scott and Philippa

SnowSkool Big White Team

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