How time flies, week 7 already! This week has been a great week, the group has now settled back into serious training as the level 2 starts to approach quickly. The skiers are getting sendy in the trees and the snowboarders exploring Telus park to push their freestyle skills.

This week we also welcomed Jack back after his very brief return home! With everyone pretty ecstatic at the English treat food that accompanied him by, home comforts are always welcome!

As our special outing this week we organised an off-mountain trip to “Tokyo One” all you can eat sushi followed by a trip to the movies to see Black Panther. I think everyone can safely say that we were very satisfied with our meal and that having to run to the movies after eating that much food was risky... Not just because of the ice we where running on but running without moving our bellies so much so as not to feel sick! The leather lazy-boy movie chairs really helped us calm down and digest whilst watching a great movie. 

A handful of the group took their avalanche course this week as well and I know we are now all the safer for it. After a day of burying each other in the snow and learning how to quickly find them again, everyone passed the course with flying colours!

Week 7 also meant it was the beginning of our 'Match This' photo challenge with headstands being attempted all over the mountain, well done to everyone involved. We do need to have a honourable mention to Jacob for sheer commitment to the head stand, Aaron for some great somersaults and Reece for his aided headstand.  However, the winner with an amazing headstand splits pose whilst being on skies was Brian!! Can't wait to see some of the great pictures coming out next week for our slalom Olympians challenge.

Next week we are testing the puzzle solving skills of the group with an escape room, 8 people trapped inside a small room together for an hour...what could go wrong!! Hopefully we manage to escape, but you’ll have to tune in next week to find out!

Scott and Philippa

SnowSkool Big White Team

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