Big White is off the mark! Here’s to another great season in the mountains. The week started with everyone slowly making their way to the resort. A lot of weary travelled face appeared throughout the week with the bulk of the group arriving together on the Monday. SnowSkool Chris got the guys through London Gatwick, over and through Calgary then on to their final stop, Kelowna, where a bus was waiting to whisk them up to Biggy!

With most SnowSkoolers still suffering a bit from jet lag, the first evening was a very relaxed one. Josh and Philippa welcomed them all to each of their apartments with smiling faces and fresh, hot pizzas! An early night for all was on the cards.

Thursday morning had a more relaxed wake up call. All the SnowSkoolers were over to the VCM to grab all the necessities for the season ahead. Season pass? Check. Ski or Board? Check!

Before they headed into their first lessons the students got to meet the faces of their instructors before they are hidden behind the goggles and face masks on snow. With a quick intro and a brief overview of what is in store for the next 11 weeks, the guys were eager to get out onto snow.

Once they were out, both skiers and snowboarders decided to take different approaches. Skiers were divided up into groups, whereas the snowboarders decided to stick together for the day! A day of exploring and getting to know Biggy was on the cards. In the evening everyone headed to the Globe to meet the staff that would be looking after them there throughout the season. A great group meal cooked for them all and another early night!

On Friday they were back into their groups. The Snowboarders still all together. Another morning of exploring the rest of the mountain and getting the snow legs back before the snowboarders then split into separate groups for the afternoon. A great day to see the wicked inversions that Big White is famous for, clear at the top of the mountain with a sea of cloud below.

Friday evening was another group meal. This time at The Black Diamond bar. The staff put together a huge table for all the SnowSkoolers with a special set menu for them to choose from. Once the meal was done it was to the next location, Sessions! Everyone survived the first few days on snow and it was time to celebrate the first weekend in Big White!

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