Our first week is off to a belter!

It's been a busy first two weeks; so busy we are only just getting to tell you all about it now!

As Cardrona resort has reported, 2016 has kicked off with a phenomenal, record start to the season - visitor arrivals are up 11% on 2015 and it's no wonder. We, for one regular group of happy visitors, are absolutely stoked to be back!

Some of the guys went and played disc golf on the first weekend, while others chose a trip to the gym, and a couple of stragglers, who will not be named, decided to rest up after what was a fantastic night of partying on Friday.

All in all, everyone in the group is in high spirits, even in the face of a some intense, first few weeks’ training on the hill coupled with some pre-piste exercise sessions at the great Cardrona ITC - always a favourite with our new students.

But trainers have been changed around this week - that's the teaching staff, NOT the shoes - with focus heavily on the run up to level 1 exams. This is a stressful time for the SnowSkoolers, as it gives them an insight as to what a ski/snowboard instructor deals with on a daily basis. Working on mock teaching with their peers can feel daunting at first, but everyone seemed to meet this first introduction to the real work of instructing with boundless enthusiasm.

This week also saw the skiers have an introduction to their night sessions. These are a fantastic way to keep up to date with all of the technical aspects of the job, as it focusses on the NZSIA teaching model and looking at movement for skiers. All were very impressed with Ali's (trainer) flexibility - especially the girls, for some reason!

Everyone finished off this second week of training with a trip down to the local pub for a nightcap and dance on Friday. We have no photo evidence of any dancing in nightcaps, unfortunately.

Saturday and Sunday were super chilled out, with more people than the previous week choosing to join in the disc golf. Obviously, word was spreading that this is the place to be on a weekend!

Tom came along to Puzzling World, one of a variety of must see places in Wanaka. The maze took a record 45 minutes to complete, although, to be fair, they had the help of not one but FOUR previous SnowSkool students who had done it before.

Clark, Ben and Andy got their geek on and went to see the new Star Trek movie in the famous Paradiso cinema.

And on that note, let the force be with us... next week. The week before level 1!

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