It was exam week, and we had good conditions to start off, with everyone a little nervous except from Bob, Nick, Joah and Anny who weren't actually sitting the exam.

Unfortunately Bob left us this week, after an injury prevented him from completing his course and exams. But all his fellow SnowSkoolers threw him a party and baked an AMAZING cake! Although he will be missed from the course by everybody, we are all looking forward to recieving his promised weekly updates. Bob is going to complete his training with Snowskool in Canada once his injury has healed.

Ben Sandler also left us this week in Queenstown, Ben has been a massive part of everyone's SnowSkool experience this season as the loud but loveable lad that loves a good party. The SnowSkool camp will certainly be a quieter place. Safe travels Ben!

Throughout the week, Clark came into the apartments to help out with a couple of lesson plans for the skiers.

Tensions were very high on results day, with the hopefuls all gathered together at Cardrona. But in the end, there was no cause for worry for the snowboarders, who scored 100% pass rate! A huge well done to them.

Our skiers fared almost as well with 18 out of 21 passing level 1, proving that all the hard work paid off for the majority.

Luckily those who didn't make it this time have the opportunity to sit another level 1 exam here in resort, with the feedback from their examiners being vital for passing next time round. We wish them all the best!

After all the tension, excitement and commiserations there was a weekend in glorious Queenstown to look forward to, which had a more subdued start than anticipated, as many of our SnowSkoolers had a sore head first thing in the morning after celebrating their results the night before.

The bus picked everyone up at 12:30 and all were awake, revitalised and raring to go as we reached Queenstown by 2pm, which left the rest of the day to do some of the MANY activities that are available in this adventure capital of the world. Among the things our students took part in were bungee jumping, canyon swing, shotover jet boat, paragliding, Fear Factory, Luge, and some shopping.

On Saturday night the SnowSkool reps organised a meal which was a perfect beginning for the fun night of partying ahead.

I'm sure you would all love to know what happened next but... what happens in Queenstown stays in Queenstown! Suffice to say, memories were made, no photographs survived and silences were bought! We jest of course; no one has paid there dues as yet.

The next day everyone just milled around with most grabbing last minute buys and just taking in the breathtaking views of Queenstown. It was the perfect end to a great and mostly positive week.

Congratulations again to those who passed their level 1. And to those who didn't, we look forward to celebrating with you when you get it, which we know you will.

Next week brings with it the very first week of level 2 training. Time to ramp it up to full throttle here in Wanaka!

Until next time...

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