Bluebird days in abundance and a week of birthdays!

Harry turned 21
Craig turned 25
And the boss man, Clark, is now officially less than a year away from being 30. Dear oh dear!

Everybody had their own little celebration, which meant extra cake for all and 1 or 2 beers were consumed along the way.  We feel sure the week of extra parties were enjoyed by all, not just the old... we mean... birthday people.

As for life out on the slopes, what an epic week we had!

Wanaka blessed us with a string of bluebird days which made for heaps of good training & practice as our students made the mammoth step between level 1 & 2 training again. Learning in these perfect conditions is great, as it means that more video analysis and lap coaching can be done and the students can really get a good look at the bio mechanics of their own skiing/riding.

Friday saw a Freestyle Frenzy with the boarders having a great time, shooting photo memories to savour and really getting stuck into some practice time. Freestyle Frenzy is a day that all of the students just have a go at things that they may not have even attempted before, and the trainers really get involved too. We promise lots of photos will follow, once we have time to stop training and upload them, but conditions here have simply been too perfect to keep us from being outside. What can we say? Life is pretty sweet in Cardrona right now.

Sarah has been up the hill shadowing all week, trying to get her level 1 under her belt. We feel sure a good news update is going to follow soon on this one.

Unfortunately Issy broke her toe! Devastating news for her, but she was not be stopped! Issy got right back up and back to the slopes, making us think she may have drunk a cup of concrete and hardened up.

Clark however is signed off work for a brief spell due to a very slight injury.... well, he is getting on now and could probably use some of that concrete.

All in all, a terrific, fun-filled week that we can't wait to get back to, hence our signing off now. Cardrona sure is a beautiful thing.

Until next week...

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