We're turning up the heat!

Here in Wanaka, we've reached a critical time now, with the students getting down to the more finely tuned details of their own skiing/riding. Emphasis is very much on being able to notice their own little flaws and what can be done to remedy the things that aren't going so good, whilst also focusing on the positives and the intrinsic feelings that come with them.

The skiers have had their mock exam, which gives them a chance to get an idea where they stand for level 2 attainment and what areas they need to work on to get them all the way to the standard, if anything is lacking.

Level 2 is a massive jump from the level 1 standard, not only with skiing/riding, but in the understanding of the teaching model and learning to analyse other skiers/riders flaws in the way they have been learning to look at their own. Our future level 2 ski and snowboard instructors need to know how to fix the flaws in technique of any future clients by selecting and applying the most appropriate method of correction.

We have some dustings of snow on the slopes too this week, which always cheers everyone up.

For those getting ever closer to attaining level 1 - Holly, Ella and Abigail - training has been sweet for them with Snowskool favourite trainer Ali!

It's been a journey of epic proportions so far here in NZ, with our group sampling a whole host of first time experiences and adventures outside of the intense training schedule, from hiking to bungee-jumping; from disc golf to watching the sun go down behind the mountains over the farside of the stunning Lake Wanaka. We've had a ball on and off the hill. And we've still got much, much more to come on terms of work and play.

We can't wait. Can you?

Back to the hill we go. See you same time next week!

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