This week was a little different because the crew had their first day of training off the hill. 

The reason for this was to prepare for a closed day in the middle of an exam. All of our trainees were physically teaching in the park in town with imaginary snow, imaginary skis/boards and imaginary lifts. We then imagined all of them passing their Level 2 exams and going on to great futures, with many adventure-filled days carving out careers in the great outdoors.

Of course, all of this imagining WILL come to fruition for those that want it badly enough. Watch this space!

There was no skier/rider analysis this week as everything was covered in the sunshine of Wanaka's Skate Park area.

The Level 1 ladies decided to head up the hill midweek for some last minute training before their looming re-sits.

Then there was a fancy dress day! We had minions, nurses, grannies, tigers, unicorns, angry birds and many of the trainers dressed up in retro ski gear - which we suspect may just have been their usual, top-secret weekend attire.

Everyone had a (snow)ball.... Excuse the pun.

The end of this week saw the start of the level 1 exam for our hopefuls, so to them we'd like to say, all the best ladies!

All our students are working and playing hard as we coax them steadily towards the Level 2 accreditation finish line. Catch up with us again next week, same time, same place. Almost there!

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