It's been a week of mixed blessings which started on a low, but ended on a stunning lakeside BBQ high!

Last Sunday night saw a heavy downpour of rain and thanks to this, Cardrona closed for the day on Monday due to a saturated snow pack. However, this didn't affect our Level 1 ladies as they managed to do their teaching in town and the same applied for the Level 2 candidates, who managed to get an extra days training there too.

The last day of Level 2 training was on Wednesday, with the group then catching up with their trainers in the local pub after their day to take onboard all of the encouragement and well wishes needed for the start of the Level 2 exam on Friday.

And, as predicted in earlier instalments, our level 1s passed with flying colours! Many, many congrats to them. Absolutely over the moon and happy as ever, Abigail, Holly and Ella led us on another trip to the pub, where they celebrated into the night.

Thursday the mountain closed once again, only this time due to TOO MUCH SNOW. Who knew there could be such a thing? Sounds like an urban myth to us!

But then, on Friday morning and for the start of the level 2 ski exam, conditions were mint! Powder for days, which is quite unusual for this time of year. But the Snow Gods came through for us, so we were off to a very good start. Let's keep our fingers crossed for our SnowSkoolers!

This weekend was the quietest we've had all season, as the skiers were midway through their exam and snowboarders were preparing for the start of their exam on Monday. Everyone is fully focussed and ready to go.

On the last night of the week, Mike and Clark hosted a lakefront BBQ, and all our SnowSkoolers were blown away by the culinary skills of (master-chefs) Clark and Mike.

This should be a great week and we will have all of the results for you next week! It's going to be a good one!

Until next time...

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