Week 10

Exam week, it's show time.

Exams already! Where has the time gone?

Sunday came around and the snowboarders joined the skiers for the first day of their Level 2 exams.

The ski exams are assessed over 8 days, the first 5 are training style and they then get a session mark. After that they have a day of demonstration skiing and teaching day.

The snowboarders' exams run slightly differently to the skiers' exams and their demonstrations assessed throughout the week. Both of them have a few evening sessions where they have their analysis tested too.

As you would expect this means it has been a quieter week for most of the SnowSkoolers. Heads down and concentrating full on the exams.

Thursday was the final day of the exams and it would be fair to say the nerves were running a little high. After a swift dinner at Relishes the skiers headed to Bullock Bar for their results, with the snowboarders heading over to Post Office Lane.

Congratulations to all the skiers with their results, we are very proud to say everyone passed the teaching component of the exam, with many getting very close on the skiing part. The trainers were extremely happy with how everyone performed and know you are going towards big things! However, a special congratulation to both Jess and Lucas passing both components of the exam first time round.

Over to the snowboarders. Another massive congratulation to everyone who landed full passes - and like the skiers we had a few who were very close to the full pass. Keep at it and we’re sure you all have very bright futures in snowboarding!

As you can imagine celebrations were most definitely in order on Thursday night. Yuval, Ben & Andrew hosted a party in their apartment which then moved to 114 with Matty, Edwin & Jamie.

Friday was a closed day up at the hill due to gale force wind (good timing!), so celebrations kicked off again at breakfast time, why not?  

By Friday evening Clark and Rich decided to check in at the apartments and catch up with the exhausted SnowSkoolers. Some well-deserved resting was going on.

Saturday evening came around and Clark got his BBQ tongs out to put on a spectacular feast for everyone down by Wanaka Lake front. Although the wind was kicking up, it didn’t deter the SnowSkoolers! Josh brought down a slack line and set it up between 2 trees which provided plenty of entertainment for the evening. Watching people wobble to the end is quite the spectacle. Whilst the BBQ was being fired up a 30-man game of football started thanks to Jadyn, Marvin and Joosje. The sun went down, food  and champagne came out to end an awesome evening and week!

Thank you all for making it!

That rounds off this week - and the exams.

Going into our final week the vast majority of SnowSkoolers will be kicking back and enjoying a free week in this beautiful part of New Zealand.

Catch you next week.

Resort Team

SnowSkool Clark & SnowSkool Richard

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