Week 11

That’s a wrap

So, this is it boys and girls, the end of a magnificent 10 weeks.

In the last week of SnowSkool NZ, the students are given a free week to enjoy New Zealand before they head off! As all the exams are over, scheduled training isn’t necessary. This didn’t stop the trainers from coming together for some awesome crossover training for the students though - giving the skiers a chance to sample snowboarding, and the snowboarders a chance to try skiing . What a great way to say thank you and goodbye to all the trainers.

It wasn't all rest though: Ben P was back out at it this week resitting a part of his Level 2 exam. We’re delighted to say he passed. Congratulations Ben P!

A few of the snowboard students also went for their teaching-kids certification this week as well. We’re glad to announce that they achieved a 100% pass rate! Nice one!

Edwin used his free week to go on a road trip with some of his newfound friends. They went to explore the legendary Mt Cook.  With amazing waterfalls, Ice hikes, and hot springs Mt Cook should be on everyone’s list, especially for those luckily enough to be in New Zealand.

As the week wound down, Thursday bought around the first of the goodbye drinks, cue heart wrenching goodbyes and torn tear ducts. To try and avoid some of that, Pedro was the first to slip away quietly earlier in the week, followed by his partner in crime Antonio. Emotional goodbye drinks followed on Friday night at Gin and Raspberry and it was a final evening in Wanaka well spent.

Saturday morning arrived and with a sharp 10am check out time it was time to say the proper goodbyes. The first bus picked up a group of SnowSkoolers at 10:30am and whisked them off to their next adventure. This left Jamie, Matty, Lucas, Stjohn, Jadyn, and Rodrigo as the last SnowSkoolers standing in Wanaka. So in true fashion they planned a night out in Queenstown together, we’re sure it was another great night to add to the rest of them!

And that is it for this from SnowSkool and New Zealand for this year. It has been awesome to see all of the students skiing and riding, and improving and passing so spectacularly. I’m sure this will be the beginning on the way to promising careers in the instructor world! Whether it be StJohn in America or Lucas in Japan, best of luck to you all.

Be sure to look back through these newsletters guys for some awesome photos and memories in the years to come.

From Clark, Rich and all the team at SnowSkool, we wish you all safe travels back home and best of luck for the future!

For the final time of SnowSkool New Zealand 2017.

SnowSkool Clark and SnowSkool Rich

Resort Team 

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