The course is starting to settle into its stride, now we are into week 2.

Everyone has gotten to know the hill well - exploring all those secret pockets of untouched snow.

But this week across both skiing and snowboarding it has been all about teaching: over the weekend the skiers were challenged to read some of their manual and come up with a short lesson for their group on Monday, following the teaching module.

Ben G taught his group how to punch; Matty taught the perfect golf swing and Ben P taught how to use a ski pole as a hockey stick. All sorts of weird and wonderful examples were used to demonstrate key skiing and teaching techniques drawing from different sports.

The snowboarders covered off their basic teaching model as well - and were set mini teaching drills by their trainers to present to the group.

We also had a rare New Zealand gem on Monday: the first powder day of the season. So, although teaching needed to be done, the trainers took the opportunity to make the most of the fresh lines!

Some shadowing also took place at the start of the week. Yuval was lucky enough to shadow his very own trainer and he went on to deliver a first-time-lesson masterclass. Daz, Jess and Edwin also went up to shadow – we’re glad they’re taking advantage of this really important part of the course.

On Wednesday most of the skiers took the day off but the snowboarders turned out in force for a special park session run by our very own Marvin. After going through presses, shifties, ollies and nollies, it was safe to say everyone there looked pretty comfortable in the park.

We also had a few people swap snowsports: Josh gave skiing a shot and Matty tried his hand at snowboarding (don’t give up the day job fellas).

On Wednesday night all the SnowSkoolers were introduced to their first movement analysis session. The crux of this being a good instructor should be able to identify weaknesses and correct them. Every Wednesday on the course these sessions will run to help ready everyone for the level 2 exams.

With some cracking blue-bird weather on Thursday spirits were high going into Friday. Unfortunately, this weather didn’t want to hold out. This meant the trainers took advantage of indoor teaching and analysis sessions on one of Cardrona’s windiest days yet, with gusts clocking 90km/h at the top of the main lift.

Friday evening rolled-in and we were lucky enough to go for dinner at one of Wanaka’s nicest restaurants, Alchemy, for a lovely kick off to the weekend. Naturally, with it being a Friday, it was celebration time and our large crew battled the elements on their way to town for Friday night drinks.  Some others resisted the temptation as they were keen to make the most of their weekend and go riding.

Lucas, Josh, Anton, Pedro, and Michael all clubbed together to buy a car to to take advantage of the beautiful sites nearby whilst they’re out here. No more hitch-hiking for them!

To round off the weekend nicely a small group made of Andrew, Yuval, Ben G and Jamie tackled a walk up Mount Iron, lead by SnowSkool Rep Rich, for some epic views of Wanaka and the surrounding area. The rest of the SnowSkooler decided to make the most of some blue-bird conditions up at Cardrona instead. Luckily, the bad weather clouds usually come with a silver lining and another storm came in on Saturday night, bringing 30cm of powder with it!

Well that is all for this week, check in with us next week to catch up with the latest antics.

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