Level 2, we’re coming for you!

This week the students were introduced to level 2 training.

With all the SnowSkoolers keen to get some time away from the magic carpet, level 2 has been a welcome step-up and change for all! And now that they have level 1 certifiably mastered, there are not so many J turns and wedge turns this week!

As it is the first week of level 2, the focus is on personal riding/skiing development and less on the teaching side of things. As the learning curve veers upwards for level 2, heads are down and the commitment is great to see from all the students!

Ali’s ski group spent a lot of the week adjusting stances and position on their skis. Matty, Ben, Antonio & Edwin were delighted by this, not jealous in the slightest that Campbell’s group were taking a slightly more skiing-focused approach.  We’re sure the time will come when the roles are reversed!

On Tuesday we enjoyed a change of location for the evening meal, by heading over to water bar which was hosting a quiz night. This went down a storm with many who stayed and took part. After a long day's skiing, by round 9 it looked like Jamie and his team were a little quizzed out. Others managed to soldier on as Matty, Jess and a few others took advantage of having the next morning off by enjoying a long evening of pool and merriment.

Up on the hill we have seen a mixed bag of snow conditions this week. From some fresh powder to more icy conditions, Cardrona has been testing the students riding on variable snow! Some strong winds managed to blow in a fantastic dump of snow over this weekend which the students are hoping will carry on into next week. Fingers crossed!

As the weekend drew in, Andrew seized the opportunity for a bit of powder riding. Some fresh lines and face shots were his aim!

On Sunday evening, Rich took a group of the students to the local climbing wall. We discovered that Rodrigo is not only a wonderfully talented snowboarder (as well as Architect) but he is also rather competent on a climbing wall - winning the speed wall test between him and Josh. Andrew and Rorigo also made some short work of the harder walls! Jamie, Ben P, Joosje and Rich were left to watch in amazement.

Huge congratulations to Surya, as this week he passed the teaching part of his level 1 over at Treble Cone. Well done and we are all a little bit jealous he got to ride the mountain for a couple of days.

As well as skiing and snowboarding the SnowSkoolers appear to have been friendly with the local wildlife. Matty was making new friends with the ducks this weekend. Naturally this has all been captured and saved for future reference thanks to StJohn.

In further animal antics, Jess also helped to find a dog when she was out for a walk. Luckily she managed to bring it back to the apartments until the owner came to collect it, although I don’t think the SnowSkoolers really wanted to give it back.

And that’s it for this week. A great start by all to the Level 2 training and it shows in the praise from the instructors! Onwards and upwards!


SnowSkool Richard & SnowSkool Clark

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