Half way there!

This week we crossed the half-way mark. How time flies when you’re having fun!

The week started in spectacular, snowy fashion with the Snow Gods blessing us with some fresh powder; 15 centimetres of it in fact. A much-needed top up for some of the more ropey runs.

The snowboard crew received a welcome message on Sunday night from their trainers, allowing them to select their own groups for the week. There were lots of happy faces from people who haven’t yet ridden together.

The boarders' focus this week was preparing for their Level 2 mock exams. So, they spent a lot of time tightening up those 180s and perfecting their carving turns. We have some confidence that the mock exams will go pretty well!

The skiers embraced a bit of a switch up this week, as they have had a new trainer come in (the excellently-named Mr Jon Gass). Jon’s group excelled throughout the week - starting the week by calling themselves the “underdogs” and finishing as the “mad dogs”. Well done to Ben, Antonio, Edwin, especially - some awesome synchro-skiing displayed.

Monday, for all you Game of Thrones fans, is obviously the most important day of the week - at least it has been for the SnowSkoolers up in Cardona. So in true Game of Thrones fan fashion Tishi, Claudia and Jess assembled down in FitzPatricks Irish bar for the showing of the new episode. The others weren’t as adventurous and decided to stay back and watch it from the comfort of their apartments.

In what has become new tradition on Wednesday, Matty was back to his usual freestyle antics. Hitting 360s on the medium line. I think he, like many other SnowSkoolers, has been inspired by the New Zealand winter games, which are about to begin. Cardrona is lucky enough to host the Halfpipe and Slope Style competitions which bring the very best freestyle riders in the world to compete! 

Friday was our very own resort manager's birthday. Yes, Clark hit the big 30!

The SnowSkoolers who came out were all very generous and made sure a cracking night was had. Antonio especially enjoyed it as he got his dancing shoes on and showed the younger guys how to do it.

The weekend was the start of the Avalanche course. Matty, Josh, Michael & Jess headed to the classroom for day one. Although there may have been a couple of sore heads, they all came back with ear-to-ear smiles. They then took the classroom knowledge to the snow on Sunday, where they learnt to observe and determine a safe-snow pack by cutting into the snow and building igloos! They will be touring experts in no time at all.

Josh has been awesome in hosting Sunday night meals for the rest of the SnowSkoolers. Unfortunately the culinary streak ended this Sunday - much to the disappointment of the rest of the students who were left fending for themselves this week. They all hope he will be hosting again next week, as we’ve heard is cooking is rather good!

StJohn didn’t seem to mind thought, as he managed to sit down for dinner with some international freestyle athletes who are over for the winter games!

So, another week down for the SnowSkoolers as we have reached our half way point. Hopefully the second half of the course is just as good as the first and we're expecting great things from the Level 2 Exams from what we've seen this week.

Until next week


SnowSkool Richard & SnowSkool Clark

Resort Team 

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