Week 7

How is your goggle tan?


Would you believe it how time is cracking on - and with only two weeks to go until Level 2, this is where the intensity is cranked up just that little bit more!

The snowboard squad kicked off on Monday with a mock exam of their demo riding to give them an idea of where they are and what they need to change. Overall, the students had positive results from the mock exam. A welcome boost for the exam to come!  

The skiers thought they had got away without a mock! Luckily for them, this came as a surprise later in the week. We think some scare tactics may have been deployed by the ski instructors but this has not put off many at all. To keep in competition with their snowboarding brothers and sisters, most of the skiers are relishing the chance at a level 2 exam and will be working super hard over the next 2 weeks.

Another beautiful week in Cardrona has been made even better this week. The winter games were in full swing and the weather was just as awesome. We got 4 superb days of blue bird conditions. The snow was good, spirits were high, what a week.

There was a heavy emphasis on park this week. Stjohn and Jadyn are both landing back-to-back 360s on the medium kicker line. Perhaps hanging out with some of the Winter Games athletes for the past week or two has inspired them!

Don’t worry it’s not all about snowboarding: Matty was also working on his 360s on the medium line, making sure the skiers were well-represented.

Lucas took to the sky on Monday afternoon, sending it huge off the first 2 kickers of the competition line, the photo is quite something! Later that week though, he took to a snowboard to showoff in the beginner park.

Tishi decided her board was missing wheels on Wednesday - and headed to the local skate park for a little change.

Edwin became the envy of everyone on Wednesday as he used his day off to explore the steeps and views of Treble Cone.

I think it’s fair to say that after 7 weeks in the country the SnowSkoolers are falling in love with it. So much so that Yuval is looking to extend his visa and stay for even longer after the course. Josh is also looking to extend and explore more of this wonderful country.

Daz took to the heights of Roy’s Peak on Saturday to check out the views. He was not disappointed, although he did have to work for it. The climb up is a little tricky in places now but some 5 hours later he was back home again, not a bad time at all.

Let’s not forget our avalanche specialists. Michal, Jess, Josh & Matty finished their last day of the course. Having all pasted the assessment on Saturday with flying colours there was talk of a tour on Sunday. However, the snow did not permit it, perhaps one for later in the course! Although the igloos you guys made looked very impressive!

That’s it for this week folks, let’s see what week 8 brings us.

Snowskool Richard & Snowskool Clark

Resort team.  

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