Week 9

Level 2, what we’re here for!

So it has all come to this, 9 weeks of hard training and the SnowSkoolers are ready to go for their Level 2.

The last 2 days of training for the skiers were about skiing technique and mileage on snow. On Monday, the ski trainers managed to get on to one of the best runs in Cardrona and they even laid a brush corridor out for the training groups, giving them a private slope to train on!

The skiers had their last day of training on Tuesday at which point they parted ways with their trainers John, Ali & Bob. But this is not the last time they'll ski with them, all their trainers will be on the exam with the students. Thanks to the instructors for the amazing effort they’ve put in preparing our SnowSkoolers for this season's exams once again!

On a beautifully-timed and well-deserved day off on Wednesday, Cardrona had a dump of fresh powder! Although this was meant to be a rest day Jess, Andrew and some of the other SnowSkoolers couldn’t resist the temptation of the powder.

When the exam kicked off on Thursday morning, the cloud had moved further down the valley and left behind some of the best weather we have ever seen for a level 2 exam. The students have clearly done something good to deserve this.

We had our weekly meal back at Water Bar this week and, as is customary on a Tuesday, some of SnowSkoolers stayed behind to take part in the quiz and shoot some rounds of pool. Josh is usually the one getting everyone to stay a little longer.

The snowboarders have become very close with powder keg this week as it is where part of the exam takes place. As you ski by you can always see a few of them patiently sat at the top of the run waiting for a clear line to practice.

You couldn’t really have asked for better snow this week especially for training. We have had freshly groomed corduroy earlier in the week. Then Wednesday onwards blessed us with some fantastic powder days. Matty has been back to his usual freestyle antics this week getting 360s dialled in the half pipe, he has even managed to lead Lucas into the park.

Training also ended for the snowboarders this week and, to celebrate, on Friday afternoon they created the probably the largest human slalom known to man. Around 40 were involved, starting right at the top of Cardrona and snaking down to the bottom of Valley View.

This week has been a great week for celebration as well. Charlie joined the rest of the SnowSkoolers as a qualified level 1 instructor. All the hard work paid off, so we are pleased to announce that all the SnowSkoolers are now qualified L1 ski and snowboard instructors!

We’re confident that next week we will be writing about everyone becoming Level 2 instructors

Good luck to you all in the rest of your exam this week, you have worked so hard over the last 9 weeks!

Resort Team

SnowSkool Clark & SnowSkool Richard

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