Channelle Sladics

She skates, she surfs, and she just happens to be a professional snowboarder in her spare time.  Breaking onto the scene in 2005 with some back to back podium positions, Channelle made a big impact on the snowboarder world.  Growing up in S O, Cal, Channelle used to travel to the mountains on the weekends, and pushed herself to excel on the slippery white stuff (just like she has in the water and on the concrete). Turning heads in the terrain park, skate park, and any other park for that matter, Channelle is a kick ass rider and is sure to get the attention of any dude she passes.

Gretchen Bleiler

One of the most well-known women in the world of snowboarding,  Gretchen Bleiler has got it all. She won gold at the winter X games in 2010 and took away the silver medal in the women's half-pipe at the Vancouver Winter Olympics.  If that's not enough, Gretchen recently stripped off for FHM - showing that she's not only got it on the slopes!  A smoking hot body and world class athlete - does it get any better than that?

Linn Haug

Linn Haug ... this 21 year old Norwegian has been carving up our slopes since the age of 4.  With a Goofy stance and looks to die for, Linn has risen to prominence in world of professional snowboarding.  After winning her place in the Norweigian national team and the Burton Eurpean team in 2006, Linn's snowboarding career has blossomed to also include video and photo shoots - and we can see why.  Linn Haug is surely in the running for “ hottest girl in snowsports”

Lindsey Vonn

Linsey Vonn is arguably the best female Alpine ski racer on the circuit today having won 3 consecutive downhill championships ( 2008, 2009, 2010) - as well as being the first American women to achieve this.  At 28, Lindsey is slightly older than the others on this list - but we still feel she merits her place!

Grete Eliasen

Grete Eliassen is a 23 year old  professional freestyle skier from Salt Lake City, and an absolute hottie, balancing out the battle between skiing and snowboarding for who has the hottest girls.  Grete has won the X-games superpipe and U.S Open slopestyle multiple times . She has designed her own pro ski’s and featured in films in the backcountry. We all love a bit of powder but if there’s anything we like better, it’s a young, beautiful Norwegian skier who loves shredding in powder.

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