Laura, 21 from Yorkshire, UK

  • Snowboard Instructor Course, Banff 2009
  • CASI Snowboard Instructor Levels 1 & 2
  • CASI Snowpark Certificate
  • Currently working as a Snowboard Instructor at Sunshine Village, Banff

Laura graduated from the SnowSkool Banff course in April 2009 with her CASI Level 2, her CASI Snowpark Certificate and a lot of new friends - she was a very popular member of the group.  So much so that the Ski & Board School at Sunshine Village, Banff offered her a job working the slopes for the 2009/10 season.  Laura says, "I had always worked in my mum's nursery and so wanted to teach children.  It is such fun, they learn so quickly and I really enjoy Freestyle Friday when I take eight under 10s into the terrain park and teach them how to slide boxes and some basic grabs and spins.  It is such a fulfilling job and the tips are pretty good when the kids tell their parents how much fun they have had!"


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