It was a sunny but much colder start to a busy week for the SnowSkool students. After all the snow last week, on-piste conditions were lovely, and perfect for practising carving and technical skiing aspects required for the BASI exams. Check out the group enjnoying this week's great oon-snow conditions ...


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All students had to complete a first aid course on three mornings this week, focusing specifically on responding to situations in extreme outdoor conditions. In the afternoons, it was back to normal tuition where they went through the progression from central theme (snow plough – parallel turns) into carving long and short turns. There was much more scrutiny of each individual’s technique and personal feedback for them all so they could perfect their technique in time for their Level 2 exams. 
One afternoon brought a very interesting avalanche safety session run by Parallel Line’s own Mountain Man, Neil. This involved an overview of how avalanches are caused and what to look for to keep out of danger, including close scrutiny of how poorly bonded the snowpack is right at the moment. The students were also taught how to use a transceiver, shovel and probe to locate and dig someone out of an avalanche should the worst happen. Even with Neil’s totally chilled and relaxed delivery of the scary information, a few of the students might be thinking twice for a while about heading off-piste.
On Wednesday evening, we headed to the bowling centre for all sorts of games. Thomas and Andy emerged the winners in what was a very close final game of the doubles’ pool tournament.  It was pretty exciting for everyone watching!  Owen and Glenn took second place. In Killer Pool (3 lives, everyone in and play one shot each in turn and have to pot a ball or lose a life) places were Matt Holmes 1st, Glenn 2nd and Laura 3rd.  Thomas cleaned up and also won bowling with Glenn again coming in 2nd but we suspect a rematch between those two real soon. 
The first 6 nations match was on Friday (Wales v England) so everyone went down to Le Pub to watch it. Was a great match and pleasing result for most of the students (sorry Dan!)
Level 1 re-sits take place this Sunday for the students who didn’t quite pass first time around. Good luck guys! We hope everyone has a relaxing weekend and enjoys the fab snow conditions. Next week, some students will be starting to shadow groups of lessons with the Parallel Lines instructors teaching, to witness first-hand how to perfect the teaching side of being a ski instructor. 
That's it for this week - back soon.
SnowSkool Anna
Resort Manager - SnowSkool France 2015
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