There were two big events on our calendar this past week – the rather silly Valley Rally on Sunday and the far more serious re-sit of the Level 1 exams for those who had missed one of the components.  Both demanding events, the results were pretty pleasing on all fronts.  Check out the photos below of all we've been up to this week ...


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The Valley Rally is a race across all three valleys from Meribel to Val Thorens, back over to Courcheval and then back to Meribel, complicated by several challenges along the way, including carrying a raw egg the whole way, taking a selfie with a lift attendant and doing a trick in the snow park. Add to this plain AWFUL conditions with cold and driving rain in which there was not a thing to be seen – mini windscreen wipers would have been handy on the ol’ goggles!  Well done to boys who even just turned up to compete – the Chalet Phoenix team of Jimbob, Owen and Adam and L’Ancolie team of Joe, Dan and Glenn, pitted head-to-head against the mighty staff team of Sarah, George, Danny, Steve and Dave. It was honestly like a Tough Mudder race and then some!  Team spirit was built just by sticking with it and getting through. At the half-way spot where SnowSkool Anna was posted, Phoenix were in the lead and L’Ancolie called it a day. However, waiting back at Ronnie’s for the winning team to come in, it was the staff team who turned up first. The Phoenix boys came in not soon after and got a well deserved prize for their determination and persistence.  
Also on Sunday were the Level 1 re-sits for the remaining candidates. While we were congratulating Team Phoenix on finishing and not getting hypothermia, the seven students came in and announced they had all passed and were now qualified instructors! Massive congratulations to you guys for doing it in rubbish conditions and really good luck for Level 2 which looms straight away this week! Very proud of our 100% pass rate at Level 1. 
This week was the last of afternoon tuition before their Level 2 exams. Final preparations were made for teaching lessons, executing perfect short and long turns, the central theme and all the recurring things which are now imprinted permanently into the students’ brains!  There has definitely been a pick-up in the energy and ability in the last few weeks as all the efforts came together – it’s fair to say that some of the skiing has been to a really impressive standard. There’s no doubt our guys have a great chance over the next couple of weeks so just keep it up and ski with confidence! 
The weather brightened up on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday with a little blip of snowy, cloudy weather on Wednesday. On Tuesday, Dave’s group skied the Grand Couloir in Courcheval in amazing snow conditions. It is pretty steep in sections but most students have now conquered it and are loving the challenge. 
Thursday was Glenn’s birthday so the fun kicked off at après at Ronnies watching a great Meribel band, Dutch Courage, followed by food and more live music at our own little local, Tsarettas, back in Les Allues. Then on Friday evening, everyone donned their finest golfing attire and played nine holes of pub golf around all of Meribel’s best drinking establishments. 
Saturday was another extremely warm and sunny day which saw quite a few of the students out on the hill for what may be one of their last days to properly enjoy free skiing before their Level 2 exams start on Monday. 
Good luck to everyone for next week!  Keep those positive vibes comin gour way.
SnowSkool Anna
Resort Manager - SnowSkool France 2015
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