Ten weeks ago, the end of the course seemed a long way away but somehow, the final week has crept up on us in what seemed like a very short space of time. It feels like only yesterday that everyone arrived feeling very timid and not knowing anyone. Now everyone has definitely come out of their shells and some great friendships have been made. This past week was also the last week of the BASI Level 2 assessments, continuing in the same format as last week with a written exam thrown in on Tuesday.  Check out the pics below of us making our final moves around Méribel ...


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Last weekend, once again SnowSkoolers were divided in their approach:  some headed on up the mountain to work on individual skills in preparation for the ongoing assessments while others opted to relax and rest their tired bodies, either in the chalets or around Méribel. One way or another, everyone was preparing themselves for the second week of the exams.
Come Monday, a start time of 9 am was in order for the Skoolers. The snowboarders enjoyed a great morning by showing their moves in the park, getting some great air and hitting the odd box. The skiers were led to the examiner’s favourite piste – Biollay – for an assessment of short and long carving turns. Even after a week of testing, Annie commented that being on Biollay felt like the exam had properly started. Many of the Skoolers had a quiet evening in preparation for the forthcoming day of teaching.
Tuesday was another amazingly sunny day on the mountain but unfortunately, the snow had been getting pretty slushy. All the students spent the day demonstrating their teaching skills which meant spending hours on a green slope. The day’s testing was completed with a written, multiple-choice exam for all candidates.
On Wednesday, everyone headed back to Courchevel.  The skiers started at Altiport, focusing on the central theme – the concentration on the Skoolers’ faces was amazing! – before heading back to Biollay to continue with big carving turns. The snowboarders were put through their paces on Pylones, a black piste which provided a very steep terrain for their moves. All the boarders managed to get some amazing spray! 
Thursday, the Skoolers were very happy it was the last day of the teaching assessment BUT it also meant they had to spend the entire day on green runs. It was a very important day as it was one of the final times for the Skoolers to demonstrate their skills to the examiners.
Friday was the final day of assessment and everyone brought their A-game to impress the BASI instructors one last time.  The exams results brought the usual mix of sheer joy for those who passed, offset by disappointment for those who came oh so close.  Either way, to celebrate the completion of the course and the BASI Level 2s, the team headed to the beloved Ronny for a drink or two where everyone enjoyed viewing the sunset for the final time in Méribel. There was much laughter and a few tears as people reminisced about the antics of the last ten weeks.
We thank you for reading this blog and hope it has given you a snippet of how much fun we have had out here.  We thank all the SnowSkoolers for coming together and creating such a great atmosphere; we thank SnowSkool management in England and Australia for their help and support throughout the course; and we thank the amazing team at Parallel Lines for all their effort on our behalf.  We wish all the students the very best as they head on to life’s next adventure, wherever it may lie. For the last time, au revoir from Méribel.
SnowSkool Lucy and SnowSkool Ed
Course Hosts - SnowSkool France 2014
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