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After an anti-social wake-up call at 5am to what is now becoming an increasingly annoying alarm tone, we began our journey to BUDS – the British University Dry Slope Championships. Run on an annual basis by BUSC (the British Universities Snowsports Council) at Hillend dryslope in Edinburgh, BUDS is without doubt one of the largest spectacles of student snowsports shenanigans. We arrived at 10.30 am to be greeted by students decked out in all sorts of fancy dress, some of whom were pelting it down the GS course, while others were busy camped out in the bar waiting for it to open, as well as the rumblings of some sick tunes from the Red Bull truck.

The purpose of our BUDS mission?

To run the finest tug-of-war competition known to man… well… to student snowsports at least! We’d be running the competition with a SnowSkool twist too, here at SnowSkool we’re not particularly into the notion of war so we renamed our competition the TUG-OF-LOVE, which sounds a bit rude too (we like that!). Once we’d found the ideal spot for our event we set about rounding up the hordes of students that were to take part. With no hesitation or regard to noise levels and student hangovers Nick grabbed the megaphone and off he went, rounding up students in their various states of consciousness like the veritable pied-piper of Hillend. Returning with a huge crowd of willing students, albeit enticed by the promise of free booze, the inaugural TUG-OF-LOVE competition was ready to begin!  

The chance to settle old university rivalries was relished by all; we had Leeds vs. SKUM, SKUM vs. Man Met, UCLAN vs. Lancaster and many many more. We were even graced with some nudity on behalf of several of the teams, so a big thanks to Plymouth, Sheffski, and Husskis for that… we think? For their courage and bravery these guys and girls were awarded some free t-shirts and bandanas to cover themselves up with in future.

At the end of the day we were left with just two teams in the final: the mighty Leeds and the all-conquering Lancaster. After a hard fought final it was Lancaster who won the day so congratulations are most certainly due to the following: David Findlay, Alex Woods, Richard Cadd, and John Howarth. We hope you guys enjoyed the free beer and SnowSkool prizes!  

The Tug-of-Love finished just in time for us to enjoy the annual slopestyle shredfest that was put on by BUSC in conjunction with Syndicate. There were some fantastic skills on show with cork 7s, 9’s and too many flips to count! As the evening drew in it was time for us to head home, but for the students the night was just beginning. The BUSC opening party took place in one of the largest shopping centres in Edinburgh this year and we’ve heard that it went down a storm!

We’d like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to the BUSC committee and to all of those that took part in the Tug-of-Love competition.

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