Second week done in what was a bit of a mixed bag in terms of weather - the guys got to experience the different kinds of conditions NZ can throw up, sometimes all in one day! However with the Level 1 exams only a week away there was no time to spend wishing for sunshine so everyone knuckled down and got on with the training.  You can check out some photos of us in what has been a wild week weather-wise. And don't forget ... you can click the icon ono the lower right on the window to get the pics to display full-screen.


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Monday was a real treat when the Skoolers got to see how fickle the weather – and its forecasting – can be. Cardrona opened on time and most groups managed to get a few runs in before the lifts went on wind-hold for a few hours. Sem's group had already made it over to Captains where it was more sheltered and they managed to ski most of the morning but some groups found themselves learning to ski and ride in an indoor classroom session. If they had looked out of the windows they would have seen instructors hiking the magic carpet area with their beginner guests, being blown over sideways at least three times on the way up, all because it was too windy to run the magic carpets let alone the chair lifts. Not quite the advert we wanted for our trainees to see just what a day at the office might look like once they qualify. Plain awful!

The wind continued into Tuesday but thankfully, the scene brightened towards the end of the week and we were able to see glimpses of where we were going. The focus of training for the guys this week was reviewing the basics. They revisited what they learned last week in terms of their personal technical development and started to talk through the teaching components and the progressions they'll need to know for the exam. Next week will see lots of teaching practice and the Skoolers will all get the chance to shadow some real lessons. Valuable experience.

Apart from all this skiing and riding, the REAL focus of the week was the battle scheduled to occur on Saturday. 1.00pm arrived, the bus pulled up and almost everyone was transported to the battle grounds of Wanaka paintball. SnowSkool Clark insisted that everybody had it in for him and it quickly became a 'shoot Clark' kind of game but the word on the street is he just isn't that good! Mike did particularly well in managing to shoot Clark in both the backside and the crotch! … no … not with the same shot.  Olivia had a habit of turning her back every time she thought she would get shot and so she came away with a peppering of bruises across her back. Kiki on the other hand almost made it through unscathed and didn’t even get hit in the first two rounds. Dave took a pretty nasty shot to the neck but, in true stealth-master fashion, was eager to get out and exact his revenge. Some interesting tactics were used – Catherine raised her team’s flag by using a car bonnet as cover; Mike took a 15-second spin on the exercise bike and Alex DLP got shot in the head. Maybe that last one wasn't such a great tactic. Alex Fisher had tweaked his knee so wasn't up for running around too much but he did don a beautiful hi-vis vest and wander round in the middle of all the fighting, taking some great action shots.

After everyone had recovered from paintballing it was decided a visit to RedStar was in order. The favourite burger appeared to be a Five-O (chicken, bacon, Swiss and bbq sauce). Milkshakes were purchased and Aden introduced the idea of dipping chips into said shake as if it was completely normal. Clark chose this time to do what he feels is his duty as a Scotsman and introduce people to Irn Bru. Now while Scotsmen and women may think this drink is world famous, that didn’t prove to be the case when Alex DLP said he didn't think he could buy any because of a lack of ID. Irn Bru is a soft drink with more sugar than anything else.  Now everyone has experienced RedStar, the base standard has been laid and it's nearly time to head to Queenstown and compare it to the world famous Fergburger. Let’s hope we have some super high pass rates in Level 1 so we've got lots to celebrate when we get there.  One more week of training and everyone will be good to go!

Back  next week with more news!

SnowSkool Liz and SnowSkool Clark
Course Hosts - SnowSkool NZ 2015

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