This past week was a really important one and it started to hit home when everybody realised the exams were only FOUR training days away!  And possibly only one week away from being a qualified instructor! We're a bit light on for news and photos this week as everyone was working really hard out on the hill or in the classroom.  We only really had time for one outing when on Friday night we headed to old Cardrona Town to end the training week.  Check it out in the photos below ...


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Evening classroom sessions had been on the Skoolers' agenda for a few weeks but this week they really ramped up.  The indoor training sessions are designed to give everybody a chance to get into the nitty gritty of movement analysis without having to worry so much about personal technique. And given this analysis will form an important part of the exams, it was great to be in a room with the trainers and really get into it.

Wednesday saw many of the Skoolers head up the hill to shadow some lessons, which is a great way to see how all the theory learned in training plays out in practice. The answer is often, “pretty differently!”  Unfortunately the bad weather on Wednesday put a lot of guests off coming up the hill and there were almost more Skoolers wanting to shadow than there were guests taking lessons.

Training through the whole week focused heavily on preparing for the upcoming exams and making sure everyone felt in the best possible place to give it everything they’ve got.  The guys worked on their own skiing and riding as well as on teaching skills and thenworked hard on putting it all together seamlessly.

To help everyone relax a bit, drinks were organised at the Cardrona Hotel on Friday after training. The bus took us down the mountain to Cardrona town (comprosed of an historic hotel and about 10 houses) located right near the resort entry and everyone felt a little like they had gone back in time in this quaint little old settlement. The trainers were all there and everyone enjoyed a relaxing hot chocolate, beer or mulled wine and tried to kick back a bit before Monday.

Nothing much was planned for the weekend as everyone wanted to get their head into the upcoming exams. Richard and Olivia spent Saturday in a cafe in town revising ... before getting distracted by the great coffee and awesome tunes that were playing. Some of the other guys decided to let off steam by heading down to the Wanaka Air Shed for a spot of trampolining.

All that’s left to say is GOOD LUCK! Everyone has worked really hard to get to this stage and is in a great position to smash it out of the park! Hopefully this time next week we will be writing about welcoming a whole heap of new ski and snowboard instructors to the world!

Fingers crossed until then!

SnowSkool Liz and SnowSkool Clark
Course Hosts - SnowSkool NZ 2015

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