Week 5 saw everyone back in training after the fun of celebrating our amazing 100% pass rate. It was straight back to work with the start of Level 2 training. Kristen got her first taste of Cardrona and Josh swapped from his skis back to his snowboard. We were blessed with some nice weather to ease everyone back into it, to the point where Monday and Tuesday were probably a little too warm. As always, check out the pics below to see what we've been up to this week ...


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We had a bit of a scare this week surrounding the L2 boarding exams. Candidates have to register themselves after successfully completing their L1 but when the time came, it looked like the L2 exam group at Cardrona was already full! The issue is that Interski is on this year and so all the examiners are off being amazing in Argentina and showing the rest of the world how great SBINZ is, so there are fewer exam courses available back here in NZ. Luckily, strings were pulled, pleae were made and the panic is over. Another group has been opened up and as long as everyone signs up ASAP all should be good. Phew!
The focus this week was getting the group to appreciate the BIG jump up from Level 1 to Level 2 and realise the effort that will be needed. Evening sessions started up again with the skiers back to spending Monday evenings practising movement analysis and the snowboarders doing the same on a Tuesday. 
We excitingly got to celebrate a birthday this week in the SnowSkool family when on Tuesday everyone headed out for drinks to celebrate Olivia turning one year older! Tuesday is a good day to have a birthday as the next day is free of training so everyone can let their hair down a bit. We have a few more birthdays coming up pretty soon so watch this space for more celebrations.
Although there were some sore heads on Wednesday, Olivia, Nicola, Richard, Alex DLP Catherine and Kirsten headed up the hill to join the first Freestyle Wednesday session. Luke was their trainer and they spent the day talking about how good piste technique helps park skiing and vice versa. These guys will be throwing down in the park every Wednesday from now on ... look out for some big things. Nikola already started well by throwing a 360 off a jump in Little Bucks Park which was posted online on the Cardrona ITC Instagram and Facebook pages ... famous already!
This week we had a few visitors from home join the Skoolers. Richard’s sister, Xandra, and cousin, Effie, arrived from Oz. They joined the Skoolers out for drinks on Friday and went skiing up at Cardies on Sunday to check out Richard’s training ground. Let’s hope they were impressed!
After the week of training, Saturday was passed with a visit to Wanaka’s world-famous Puzzling World. Mike, Arty and Clark managed to complete the dreaded split-level maze in 23 minutes – a SnowSkool record. Were they helped by Clark having done it last year? Perhaps not as Clark’s memory is not all that good! While they were excelling at reaching the four corners in record time, Richard got lost, Alex Fisher hung around the girls for safety and Olivia was almost in tears  ... of joy, we can  but hope!
Once everyone had found their way out of Puzzling World it was off to Cinema Paradiso to see the new Mission Impossible movie. After convincing themselves they could all be spies if they really really wanted, we headed to Waterbar - undercover of course - for a nightcap and dance. 
Sunday saw Mike, Catherine and Richard head up to Cardrona for a ski/ride and even manage to get a lap in with Clark. Lucky them!
Here’s to next week, more training, more birthday celebrations, more great snow and more fun. 
Back all too son,
SnowSkool Liz and SnowSkool Clark
Course Hosts - SnowSkool NZ 2015
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