Week 6 has followed in what seems to becoming a fine SnowSkool tradition as a week of sun, sun, and more sun - for a couple of years in a row, Week 6 has spoiled us!  Pretty great news when you have the NZ Winter Games happening pretty much everywhere you look, PLUS a charity dress-up day to get involved in - we definitely saw some outfits that may well not have worked in the cold and rain! Check out below the extraordinary efforts to which the guys went in dressing up ....


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The NZ Winter Games was held in Queenstown and Wanaka this past week with the racing taking place over at Coronet Peak and all the freestyle stuff happening right here at home at Cardrona. Getting to share the mountain (and if you’re lucky, the lift) with some of the world’s best skiers and snowboarders is pretty inspiring! Here at Cardrona all the parks run straight under the lifts so each and every time we rode up, we got to watch the likes of James ‘Woodsy’ Woods, the Wells brothers and Janina Kuzma killing it! These are the guys who were at the Sochi Winter Olympics and who are at the top of their game. Pretty epic!

Tuesday saw our lovely SnowSkool Clark turn another year older and unbeknown to him, the Skoolers (along with Clark’s flatmates, who happen to be other ex-Skoolers) threw him a surprise birthday party. SnowSkool Liz had the unenviable task of keeping Clark busy for almost 2 hours, which when all he wanted to do was go home and have a shower pretty much had him hating her. But, under the pretence of having to discuss the Skoolers’ all-important training, it was done and Clark showed up back at home to a house full of very excitable SnowSkoolers! With beer pong in full flow it was a birthday celebration that was destined to last a while. Tuesday nights are always a good one for a party as most of the Skoolers have Wednesday off so a late start is not a problem!

Friday saw the second annual ITC Charity Dress-Up Day and, as you can see from the photos, there were some pretty epic attempts. Stand-outs have to be seeing an inflated sumo wrestler riding through the park in the form of Mike and being showered in glitter by Alexander, the self-proclaimed ‘Princess of Cardrona’. Even the trainers got involved with the snowboarders being trained by a Mexican and a Russian and the skiers finding themselves warped back in time some 20 years with their trainers on very long, straight skis and wearing retro onesies!

On the weekend, most of the Skoolers took the time to relax after what had been both a socially and physically busy week but Richard, Mike and Kirsten headed up the hill on Saturday and Josh on Sunday.

But among all the fun, training was still ramping up with the Level 2 getting closer and closer. The guys have been focussing more and more on their high-end skiing and riding to ensure they do everything they can to meet the standard. Keep going guys – just 3 more weeks of training and then it’s exam time again!

Back next week with more news,

SnowSkool Liz and SnowSkool Clark
Course Hosts - SnowSkool NZ 2015

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