Training, training, training … mock exams … more Winter Games watching … awesome snow and a kids’ cert thrown in for fun. This week was a cracker.  Week 7 is always the week when it hits home just how close the Level 2 exams are and how quickly they will come around. Only 7 days training remain .... it’s coming!


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The ITC trainers like to use this week as a chance to give everyone a really clear idea of where they stand for Level 2 and what they need to do to make the grade. The snowboarders spent Monday doing a mock exam with testers Sam and Leo doing everything they could to make this as much like the real thing as possible. Imagine riding down trying to do your best demo with two examiners standing at the bottom … watching … taking notes … providing no immediate feedback as to how you did. Just that poker face to gaze into for clues.  It can be really nerve-wracking to start with so it was great the guys had a chance to experience it and adjust without the result really mattering. The students all got loads of qualitative feedback afterwards as well as the numerical scores they would have received had the real exam been held that day. Everyone did well but there’s still heaps to work on.

The skiers had their chance for a mock exam on Wednesday. Given it was their official day off from training they had the choice whether or not to participate. Obviously lots of the guys took up the offer because it is such a great opportunity to find out just where things stood.  It made for a long day for the guys who also do their freestyle training on Wednesdays but they killed it! 

For some of the team a mock exam and the threat of the Level 2 wasn’t enough and so Richard M, Kirsten, Alex F and Josh all signed up for the NZSIA Children’s Certification. This is a great course, all about teaching kids.  It’s super fun as you pretty much get to play games for three days! More importantly, if your aim is to actually work as an instructor (rather than just impress people at the  bar!), this qualification makes you a lot more employable given so many customers at a snow sports school are kids.

Pretty much everyone had a well-earned night out on Friday. Some went big while some chilled with a few games of pool. The weekend saw Arthur and Zac head up to ride while Mike practiced all his newly acquired skills by teaching a friend of his to snowboard. Mike's first real lesson out of the way – just a shame it wasn’t paid!

The Winter Games finished up this week with Cardrona hosting the closing ceremony on Sunday.  It’s been pretty inspiring to see all the competitors do their stuff but even more so when a Brit like Woodsy, who grew up on the Sheffield dry slope, takes home the Slopestyle ... and by a big margin! Sunday night brought a free concert on the lakefront to close it all down with an epic party.

This coming week sees a new trainer joining the skiers as Jon takes over one of the groups for the last two weeks before Level 2. Training will become a little more intense as the exam draws near but luckily these guys know how to have fun with it all.

Back next week with more news - keep yourself nice until then.

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